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GC Indy '04 Sat


Sat Aug 21 - Third Day
"Where's Gary Gagyx?" (He's not here!)

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Mark Simmons, publisher of Games Quarterly, with friend.
Navia Dratp demo at Bandai booth.
Greg Costikyan (left), and friend, at Different Worlds booth. Greg is one of the original designers of Paranoia, now published by Mongoose. His "My Life & Role-Playing" article appears in Different Worlds #1.
Casey W. Christofferson, designer of ENnie nominee "Feast of the Gobbler" from Necromancer Games.
Erik Mona, editor-in-chief of Dungeon Magazine.
Dark Fantasy Designs, next to Different Worlds booth.
Matt Harrop (left) and Allan
Matt Harrop (right) and Allan
Dave Arneson (left) and Rob Kuntz.
Rob (right) and friend.


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