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Robert J. Kuntz


Robert J. Kuntz helped to create the original Dungeons & Dragons game with Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974. Mr. Kuntz co-authored: Greyhawk: Supplement I, established Kalibruhn - the third D&D campaign setting - and co-DM'd the famous Greyhawk campaign with Gary Gygax for many years. Mr. Kuntz also contributed to and edited Blackmoor: Supplement 2, edited M.A.R. Barker's Empire of the Petal Throne boxed set, and co-wrote the classic Gods, Demigods & Heroes with Jim Ward; TSR revised this as the Deities & Demigods guide for AD&D in 1980. He also contributed to the design of the module S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. Mr. Kuntz has also written numerous articles for Dragon Magazine, including the popular "Up On A Soapbox" column, which details episodes from the original Greyhawk and Kalibruhn campaigns.

Rob Kuntz founded Creations Unlimited in 1986 to publish the "Maze of Zayene" series and Garden of the Plantmaster. For Fate of Istus, Mr. Kuntz contributed maps of Rauxes and Verbobonc and the scenarios "Down with the Wizard" and "Iuz's Gambit." Since the release of Third Edition D&D, Mr. Kuntz has republished and updated his classic Creations Unlimited adventures, and has written Dark Druids for Troll Lord Games, and Sir Robilar's City of Brass for Kenzer & Company. Mr. Kuntz has also designed several board games, including King of the Table Top, Magus, and Kings & Things (which won the Charles Roberts Award for Best Fantasy/Science Fiction Game of 1986). Teamed with Gary Gygax once more, Mr. Kuntz is co-writing Castle Zagyg, a massive dungeon to be published by Troll Lord Games in eight volumes. Mr. Kuntz was recently honored to design the super-adventure "Maure Castle" for the Dungeon Magazine's 30th Anniversary Celebration issue.

For current information about Mr. Kuntz's publishing efforts, visit his Pied Piper Publishing online forum at:

The Greyhawk fan site Canonfire! hosts an annotated bibliography of Mr. Kuntz's work at:

Canonfire also hosts the Oerth Journal, a free online Greyhawk fanzine; OJ#14 includes a lengthy interview with Mr. Kuntz, and can be downloaded from:

Rob's Different Worlds forum at Pied Piper Publishing:



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