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Northern Valus

Tarn Cal


Art study of Roven by Alan McFarlane

Nominated Best Campaign Setting
2005 ENnies

Different Worlds Presents


A Fantasy Role-Playing World Sourcebook

By Ryan Smalley
aka Destan, EN World Story Hour author

Edited by Allan Grohe.
Cover map by Chuck McCann.
Interior maps by Clayton Bunce.
Interior art by Clayton Bunce, Scott Ruggels, Alan McFarlane & Stefan Poag.

A World Born Without Love

The men and women upon that backward isle call themselves Valusians, but in that - as in many things - they display their ignorance. These self-named Valusians are but a pack of mongrels, a mixture of blood and heritage that foments headaches among genealogists everywhere. Only the three Tundreth Clans of Calahen, Cormick, and Larren may truly call themselves Valusians. Why any one of them would want to do so is beyond the scope of this lecture.

- Learned Man Venicus Ratas, Centurion of Apia, Retired

Gazetteer of the 600-mile long sub-continent.

  • A dark & brutal world
  • High mortality rate
  • Gods at war
  • 12 powerful religions
  • Low- to high-level adventuring
  • Two new races
  • Variant rules for clerics
  • Variant rules for paladins
  • Variant clerical magic system
  • Valusian feats
  • Valusian weapons, narcotics, and flora

With integrated fiction by Destan, popular EN World Story Hour author.

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Published July 2004.
176 pages.
ISBN 0-9753999-0-X

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Click here for a PDF of Valus Contents and Introduction [214 KB].

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Click here for a PDF of "Valus Q&A" [164 KB].

Different Worlds Presents

Return of Ippizicus Child-Eater

A World of Valus Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure

Limited GenCon Indy 2004 Edition

By Ryan Smalley
Author of Valus

A limited quantity of this special edition is still available.

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Published August 2004.
96 pages.
ISBN 0-9753999-2-6


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