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GC Indy '04 Fri


Fri Aug 20 - Second Day
"Where's Mark Simmons?" (He's here!)

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Event Registration
Cafe Games
Asmodee Editions
Bastion Press
Pagan Publishing
Crocodile Games
Wizards of the Coast
Fantasy Flight Games
Palladium Games
Upper Deck
Cheapass Games
Dead Ant Games
Sony Online's model for Everquest.
Sorry, but I forgot what they were selling.
Gil Girard at Autograph Area.
Robert Kuntz, Allan Grohe, Tadashi Ehara, and Ryan Smalley at the Different Worlds booth.
EN World's Justinian with EN World's Destan.
Frank "The Auction Dude" Mentzer (right) and friend. Frank has run the GenCon Game Auction for twenty years. The GenCon Auction is the largest game auction in the world. 
"Where's the beef?"

Lunch at Different Worlds' booth.

Rob being interviewed at the Different Worlds booth.
Universal Vivendi

Fri Aug 20 - Art Show

Fri Aug 20 - Second Day - After Hours

GenCon Exhibitors Reception.
Brian K. Moseley of Darkfuries Publishing. Brian's Fantastic Fortresses: Castles & Keeps was nominated for two ENnies.

For results go to EN World.

Monte Cook with one of his golden ENnies.

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