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Thieves' Guild


Kerry Lloyd to Tadashi @ ORIGINS '82:

"Anything with the word Thieves or Guild sells so that's why we named it Thieves' Guild. It's got both words so we figured it would sell well with that title."


Completely Revised Second Edition

Thieves' Guild

The Fantasy System

Complete Rules and Scenarios for Roguish Adventuring

A complete rules system for fantasy thieves!

By Richard Meyer, Kerry Lloyd, Michael Watkins
Cover by David Martin
Art by Hannah M.G. Shapero, Michael von Glahn, William H. Keith, Jr., Janet Trautvetter, V.M. Wyman

This new, completely revised second edition of the Thieves' Guild rules now provides more ways than ever for players to experience the danger-filled life of a medieval brigand, burglar, or cutpurse. Thieves' Guild gives thief characters opportunities to use a wide range of thieving skills and abilities to plan and commit the perfect crime. In addition to basic game mechanics, system rules cove every aspect of thieving activity, including:

  • Basic Thieving Abilities
  • Thievish Combat Tactics
  • Disguises and Diversions
  • Tailing and Surveillance
  • Poisons and Venoms
  • Fencing Stolen Goods
  • Medieval Justice
  • Ransoming Prisoners
  • Underworld Organizations
  • And Much More!

Thieves' Guild also contains introductory scenarios to start you on your life of crime, from highwaymen preying on the traveling traders and merchants, to daring burglars seeking the treasures of wealthy city dwellers! Just remember that it's brains rather then brawn that you'll need to avoid the forces of law and order, and the fiendish twists and traps that may stand between you and the booty that could be yours!

Thieves' Guild is part of Gamelords' complete Fantasy System, role-playing for the discriminating palate, providing a new dimension of excitement for players who are tired of mindless die rolling and hack-and-slash adventuring. This package includes Basic Character Creation, a separate book describing a detailed character creation system that features flexibility and decision-making by the player as he designed his character's abilities, past heritage, and personality, both at the time of initial creation and as the character advances. The Fantasy System places the emphasis of the game back on role-playing and creative group interaction, and features simple, straightforward game mechanics, with a variety of optional additions for GameMasters who want to introduce greater realism into their campaign.

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1984.

Reviewed in Different Worlds #37.
First edition reviewed in Different Worlds #12.

Thieves' Guild 2

By Kerry Lloyd, Richard Meyer, Michael Watkins
Art by Janet Trautvetter

Thieves' Guild 1 challenged fantasy gamers with a new kind of role-playing aid - a book of rules and adventures designed for a particular class: the maligned and misunderstood thief. Now, in Thieves' Guild 2, the tradition is continued - with additional rules and guidelines, and new adventures.

Roam the stone corridors in the burial vaults of the ancient city of Shale-Chuun, Match wits with the tomb designers of old to detect and disarm diabolically devious devices of doom (say that three times fast!). Leave with treasure worth a kingdom, or maybe you won't leave at all ...

And ten highwaymen encounters, plus expanded rules for handling combat, magic, and hireling procurement, and much, much, more ...

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1980.
62 pages.
Price: $7.95

Reviewed in Different Worlds #12.

Thieves' Guild 3

The Duke's Dress Ball

By Richard Meyer, Kerry Lloyd
Cover by Hannah M.G. Shapero
Art by Janet Trautvetter

Thieves' Guild presents a truly unique foray into the world of crime, as player-thieves prepare their finest garb and best manners in order to infiltrate the social event of the season, a grand ball at the Duke's estate, where the wealthiest nobles and guildsmen will be wearing a veritable fortune in jewelery - a pickpocket's dream! But anything can happen - and frequently does - at any occasion that brings Haven's aristocracy and wealthy guildsmen together, and a thief must keep his wits about him to take advantage of whatever situations arise during what promises to be a night to remember! Over fifty well-detailed NPCs, a timetable of events, and a number of interesting subplots provide the GM with a wide assortment of interesting encounters and diversions for the playes' characters, as well as a detailed look at pickpocketing, lockpicking, and the effects of drunkeness.

Or players can journey to the little vale of Alduree, for an uninvited visit to the Tower of Tsitsiconus, a retired half-elven mage. Their assignment: to make off with an amulet and book prized by the Grand Master of the Haven Thieves Guild. Anything else they find they can keep - unless, of course, Tsitsiconus or one of his faithful servants objects!

So, whether your players opt to rub shoulders with well-heeled guildsmen and wealthy dowagers in hopes of garnering a little bejeweled glory for themselves, or prefer to dare the tower of the mage, there's plenty of exciting roguish adventure for all in Thieves' Guild 3!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1981.
64 pages.
Price: $7.95

Reviewed in Different Worlds #12.

Thieves' Guild 4

By Richard Meyer, Kerry Lloyd
Art by Janet Trautvetter, Wallace Miller, Larry Shade

When the upstart Black Hand organization challenges the Guild's control over the city's thieves, there's action aplenty and danger galore! In Thieves' Guild 4, you can be a member of the elite group of Guild thieves assigned to foil the Hand's attempt to smuggle a rare set of enchanted crystal goblets out of the city. But there's only 36 hours to complete your task! Or join the Hand as it attempt to pull of the ultimate second story job, a direct assault on the supposedly impregnable secret headquarters of the Guild! Both adventures are also specially designed so that players can face off against each other by portraying the rival sides in this deadly battle for  supremacy, enhancing the challenge still further.

And as if that weren't enough to keep you busy until the next issue (Thieves' Guild 5), you'll also find new rules describing the thiefly art of tailing, discussions on the care and feeding of informants, and expanded explanations on the determination of character sensory abilities. So face it, if you like fast paced action, and strange adventures that can let your role-playing imagination run wild, then you can't make a better investment than this!!!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1981.
48 pages.
Price: $6.50

Reviewed in Different Worlds #34.

Thieves' Guild 5

By Janet Trautvetter, Kerry Lloyd
Art by Wallace Miller, Larry Shade, Janet Trautvetter

Oh yes, he's just an orc ... but he may be the Radisha, the fabled leader the orcs have waited generations to behold and follow.

In just a short time, he's welded an excellent fighting force out of the scattered orc-tribes of the Peace Mountains. The staunch fortress of High Crag has fallen to him, and the orcs are looking for revenge after generations of groveling before the other races.

He's to dangerous to let live. Even if he's not their prophesied Great Leader, he's a superb general, and he's doing what hasn't been done in over three hundred years, geathering the tribes, and you remember what happened then!

And you are the one who must to into the orc camp (in disguise, of course), and make sure he doesn't lead the tribes any further. A great prize of gold awaits you if you are successful, and the vengeance of a thousand maddened orcs if you fail.

Can you succeed where others are sure to fail?

And there is an expedition into the recently rediscovered tomb of an ancient master of illusion to discover what special treasure lie hidden within its depths, plus new expansions of combat rules which reflect the true worth of armor and shields. All in one of the best issues of Thieves' Guild to hit the stand yet ...

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1981.
48 pages.
Price: $6.50

Reviewed in Different Worlds #34.

Thieves' Guild VI

By Kerry Lloyd, Richard Meyer
Art by Wallace Miller, V.M. Wyman, Larry Shade, Janet Trautvetter, Dave Scalzi, Eric Rollence

Avast, ye swabs!

Now here's yer chance fer a rollickin' good time out on the rolling waves of the high seas! Don yer bandanna and tie on the old eyepatch ... fifteen men on a dead man's chest! Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum! Make 'em walk the plank, me hearties!

At last, Theives' Guild has gone to sea! Here are complete rules for designing and sailing ships, for sea chases and bloody boarding actions, and what's in the holds of the wallowing merchantman you just overhauled and captured.

And ... lots of encounters at sea!! Ships by the score! Broad-beamed merchantmen loaded with luxury merchandise bound for exotic ports in faraway lands, or wondrous treasures to enrich the coffers of powerful empires! Slim deadly warships, to guard these golden argosies, or to seek freebooters out in their own lairs and put an end to their larcenous careers! Even fellow pirate vessels, to sail with at sea or to sail on!!

Merpeople, herds of whales, world-lashing storms, exotic uncharted lands, omens of disaster and great good fortune, even sea-serpents will be met in the pages of Thieves' Guild's latest trimph.

Error Flynn never had it so good!!!

High seas adventures at their very best!!!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd.
First printing July 1982
64 pages.
Price: $7.50

Reviewed in Different Worlds #34.

Thieves' Guild 7

By Kerry Lloyd, Richard Meyer, Janet Trautvetter, Hal McKinney, Keith Holzapfel, Walter Hunt
Art by V.M. Wyman, Wallace Miller, Dave Scalzi, Larry Shade, Janet Trautvetter, Lee Moyer

Windchime & Justiciar

Two magnificent swords ... made by one of the finest bladesmiths in the realm of the Ten Cities ...

One of the great blades is to be stolen - can you invade the smithy of the dwarf Valtar, and steal the right sword? Which is it - Windchime or Justiciar? You'll be well paid if you succeed - but very dead if you fail. It's so simple - the smith will be away on his honeymoon, he's getting married this weekend - just sneak in, find the right sword, and leave. So simple ...

You've been assigned by the Guildmaster to recover the Claw of Frithnath, a mighty emblem of arcane power. It's in the possession of one of a number of travelers in a caravan - but who?? and how to get it quietly and unnoticed? You've only got ten days to complete the mission, and the trail of the caravan is fraught with perilous encounters - who's got the Claw (and what is it)?

Also, expanded rules for bows, a guide to the fine art of locksmithry (and lockpicking), and special inborn abilities to differentiate your characters - all brought to you in the newest volume of a great series - Thieves' Guild 7!!!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1982.
48 pages.
Price: $6.50

Reviewed in Different Worlds #45.

Thieves' Guild 8

By Kerry Lloyd, Alfred Hipkins, Janet Trautvetter
Art by Janet Trautvetter, V.M. Wyman, Larry Shade, Wallace Miller, Becky Harding

Glowing Crystal,
Crystals of Power,
Crystals of Life!!

Within the mountains of the Golden Plateau is a treasure trove of glowing magical crystals, capable of granting great power to their wielders, capable even of granting eternal life. Led by the mysterious Giles, a party of adventurous thieves must penetrate the spectral Eregin Forest into the Valley of the Ostrakonoi at the base of the Crystal Mountain, and spirit away some of these special crystals. The perils are great, a long and arduous journey, barbarian nomads who object to strangers in their territory, and the Ostrakonoi themselves. Truly, an epic adventure ...

Aid in the rescue of a young maiden's wedding party, kidnapped as she travels to her husband to be - you must save her and her handmaids before the Dark of the Mono, for horrors happen then ...

Plus expanded rules for bows and other ranged weapons, and a new series of encounters to delight the hearts of would-be highwaymen!!!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1983.
32 pages.
Price: $5.95

Reviewed in Different Worlds #45.

Thieves' Guild 9

Escape from the Ashwood Mines

By Bob Traynor, Janet Trautvetter, Alfred Hipkins, Kerry Lloyd
Cover by Denis Loubet
Art by John Statema, Larry Shade, Becky Harding, Hannah M.G. Shapero, Janet Trautvetter, Wallace Miller


A foreign nobleman, Drak, has been treacherously arrested - and sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor in the backwater silver mines of Ashwood. You and your party of adventurers have been hired to secure his release. Can you succeed, before the grueling environment and sadistic guards send Drak to an early grave? Or will you, too, wind up digging silver til the end of your days? Find out, in Escape from the Ashwood Mines, this issue's feature scenario.

Meanwhile, the strange saga of the Crystal Mountains continues, as our adventurers brave the ghostly Eregin Forest and enter the mysterious Valley of the Ostrakonai. What sort of reception can they expect from the powerful wizards rumored to inhabit this area? Can our doughty band gain access to the magical crystals that are the source of their power - and more importantly, can they get back out of the Valley alive if they do? All these questions and more will be answered in the spine-tingling conclusion of the Secret of the Crystal Mountains!

Both of these adventures are designed for an intermediate to upper-level mixed party of thieves, fighters, and other character types. The scenarios are presented in the Thieves' Guild standard rules format, but are fully compatible with any fantasy role-playing gaming system. Whether you're a wily Guild veteran, or a new recruit, Thieves' Guild 9 will provide you with hours of gaming pleasure and suspense - the perfect antidote for those hack-and-slash dungeon blues!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1983.
32 pages.
Price: $5.95

Reviewed in Different Worlds #45.

Thieves' Guild 10

Bandit Gangs and Caravans

By Kerry Lloyd, Richard Meyer, John Fonda, Janet Trautvetter
Cover by Mark Rogers
Art by Janet Trautvetter, Hannah M.G. Shapero

Bandit Raid!

A rich caravan plods along the road, making little sound other than the rumble of wagon wheels and the hoofbeats of horses and oxen. Suddenly, the quiet is broken by a hail of arrows, and the screams of passengers and guards as they realize the worst - a full-scale bandit attack.

In Thieves' Guild 10, you and your comrades can join or even organize a large bandit gang, seeking to prey on the wealthy merchant and passenger caravans that travel the roadways of the Realm of the Ten Cities. Thieves' Guild 10 provides all the rules necessary for running large group combats and ambushes, instructions for designing and outfitting caravan groups, and describes the contents of several sample caravans upon which players may test their newfound skills. Become the terror of the highways - in this issue's first scenario, Bandit Gangs and Caravans!

Meanwhile, back in the city of Haven, a powerful merchant has broken his agreement with the Thieves Guild. The Guildmaster wants his revenge - and has given you the assignment of burglarizing the traitor's house of hits most prized treasures. Can you teach this upstart merchant The Lesson he so well deserves about what happens to those who dare to cross the Guild?

Both adventures in Thieves' Guild 10 are designed for a party of intermediate to upper-level thief characters; the Bandit Gang scenario may also include fighters and other character types. The scenarios and rules are presented in the Thieves' Guild standard format, but can be readily adapted to any fantasy role-playing system. Like its predecessors, Thieves' Guild 10 is a great mix of rip-roaring action and careful planning, and a true test of any adventurer's skill!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1984.
36 pages.
Price: $5.95

Reviewed in Different Worlds #45.


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